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Written by the late John Calhoun - in c. 1995 (some information and links may be outdated). Attractions

Irish-Scottish Festival: An annual summertime day-long festival of celtic music, dance, libations, food, and merriment; visiting merchants offer celtic-inspired jewelry and other merchandise.
Hiking on the 7:30 Trail: An old mining road that switches back and forth above the Town on the north, leading eventually to an obelisk commemorating a younger son of a British aristocratic family who is reputed in folklore to have killed himself while playing his violin and lamenting a failed love affair.
Hiking the Argentine-Central Roadbed: South of town, the mining-era railroad served mining operations on McClellan Mountain and became a tourist attraction in the early 20th century, switching back and forth to climb several hundred feet and winding up near the site of the ghost town of Waldorf.  
Trout Fishing: In Clear Creek; with public access throughout the Town.
Melodrama: Every April and for the 4th of July, the Plume Players present a George Downing musical melodrama, with olio acts by the Town’s youngest generation that frequently upstage their elders. Now in its 30th year, these evenings of theatrical fun (and occasional inadvertent hilarity) plus buffet supper have become a tradition.
Much of Silver Plume remains as it was in the late decades of the 19th century and the early decades of the 20th. Architecturally, overall it is best described as funky—and photographers, painters and sightseers are welcome. More or less cordially. In addition, the town features the following attractions:  
George Rowe Museum: Silver Plume’s 1894 schoolhouse, restored as a museum featuring hundreds of artifacts of the town’s mining era, and a classroom restored to its appearance c.1920. The museum is open during the summer months, 10 AM–4 PM.
-------- Businesses

Georgetown Loop RR: An historically accurate re-creation of a portion of the mining era narrow gauge Colorado Central RR. Today’s train-ride traverses the renowned Georgetown Loop, climbing a little over 600 feet in the distance of less than 2 miles between Georgetown and Silver Plume. Ride the Loop between Memorial Day and Labor Day (or shortly thereafter) each summer and fall.
Buckley Brothers: No website yet. Located in the building that during mining days housed the original Buckley Brothers General Store. The 19th-century Buckley brothers were Silver Plume’s baseball team! The present store is a curio and specialty operation. Telephone 303-569-0155.
Grumpy Dutchman: No website yet. An automotive garage in the best tradition. Stormy Culp is a world-class mechanic who also specializes in restoration of classic autos and building and racing stock cars and dragsters. Towing service for those in need. Telephone 303-569-3330.
Grumpy’s Roadhouse: An old-fashioned neighborhood bar, decor features automotive and “curiosity” artifacts. Outstanding pizza and other casual eats. Sunday evening jam sessions frequented by first rate bluegrass, folk, and celtic musicians (and anybody who wants to sit in for the sheer fun of it!).
Silver Plume Antiques and Tearoom: Enjoy delicious breakfast, lunch or high tea in a setting of genuine 19th and early 20th-century antiques (most of which are also available for purchase!).  
Plume Saloon: No website yet, but good  food and drink, occasional live music and mini-concerts. Also specializing in “chuck-wagon” catering, with fully equipped mobile kitchens to serve parties and events throughout the near region. Telephone 303-569-2533.
KP Variety: No website yet, but open during the summer and fall for lunch, ice cream and fountain drinks, plus antiques, early and mid-20th c. americana, and splendid junk collectibles. Telephone 303-569-2054.
Silver Plume Sundries: Creators and purveyors of hand-made skin care products designed for the rigors of very dry, high altitude living. Offering mail-order sales as well as summer onsite sales in the KP Variety shop.
Plume Ltd: Subtitled “Tools for Imaging,” the company designs, fabricates and distributes specialty lighting and photographic equipment worldwide. Gary Regester is the proprietor and designer.
Sopp and Truscott Bakery: Ever try high-altitude baking?? It can be done, and this bakery proves it! The bakery itself doesn’t have a website, but the review you’re linked to says it all. Breads, pastries, and lunch are the specialties.

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