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FEBRUARY 11, 2013


The Silver Plume Board of Trustees met on Monday, February 11, 2013, at its regularly scheduled meeting at the Small Town Hall.  Mayor Lyssy called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

The following roll was recorded:

Fred Lyssy                  present

Earl Ballard             present

Jeff Best         present 

Curt Osborne                excused

Eben Mond                   absent

Nicholas Regester         present

Scott Shafer                   absent


Others present:  Fire Chief Kelly Babeon and staff Rick Gaubatz and Jodi Candlin.



Ballard made a motion to approve the bills list except for the Clear Creek Fire Authority until such time as the town holds an election and receives approval to increase the mil levy to fund its municipal revenue payments to the Clear Creek Fire Authority.   Regester seconded and the motion passed.


Discussion was held about the Clear Creek Fire Authority bill and per Fire Chief Babeon, the IGA was amended and is not a new agreement, therefore, members of the C.C.F.A. have three years to become current on their payments.  Fire Chief Babeon would like to hold a work session with the board to put an increase on the ballot for the mil levy to pay for the IGA.  It was also discussed that the town bills the State Historical Society for days the train is open to help pay the municipal revenues for the IGA.  They agreed to this some years ago because they do not pay property taxes to help offset the impact they have on the town.  J. Candlin just billed them but has not received a check yet and cautioned the board that the State Historical Society usually delays paying.  The board suggested that they get billed quarterly instead of yearly. 



Regester made a motion to approve the agenda.  Ballard seconded and the motion passed unanimously.






Mayor Lyssy requested that the county mapping department make a new map of Silver Plume that shows zoning, lot lines, house numbers and infrastructure (sewer, gas and water lines) on R. Gaubatz' advice.  R. Gaubatz also suggested having the county make a plat map with the help of GMS, Inc. which they have agreed to do.  R. Gaubatz wondered if there is community planning money from either DRCOG or DOLA to help fund an updated zoning ordinance and Mayor Lyssy told him DOLA requires a 50% match and that the town attorney, Barbara Green,  would charge $20,000 so the town needs $10,000.  Since that is not possible at this time, B. Green may be able to contribute her part as in-kind.  N. Regester discussed that CDOT has extra money for proposals for local projects in CDOT's realm and the town may be able to apply for and use that money for this project.  N. Regester will see if he can find out more information on this funding source.  R. Gaubatz suggested that CDOT might want to use that money to help the town fix the water line that runs from the water plant to the town because it presently runs under the highway.  E. Ballard asked the mayor and the board about writing a letter of support on Georgetown Community School's behalf to help them get grant money to replace their playground equipment.  The board was in support of this and E. Ballard volunteered to write the letter.  Mayor Lyssy then reported on Henderson Mine and that they have produced eight million tons of moly; they have 360 employees, they feel confident they can mine moly until 2026, the company is profitable and 75% of the moly mined in the United States is used in steel production.  They also have grant money available and asked that the community let them know of pressing needs that they may be able to help fund with grant money. 



Based on comments at the last meeting regarding sidewalks and R. Gaubatz' ideas about the street ordinance, Mayor Lyssy only wants to pass weight and length limits.  Mayor Lyssy asked that the Street and Sidewalk Ordinance be formally withdrawn.
Ballard made a motion to formally withdraw the Street and Sidewalk Ordinance.  Best seconded and the motion passed unanimously.  
Mayor Lyssy created a new Street Ordinance with weight and length limits and introduced the new ordinance with its first reading tonight.  The board reviewed it and made changes.  Mayor Lyssy asked that the second reading of this ordinance be put on the next agenda.
The first and second reading of the Watershed Ordinance has been completed and is ready for approval.  
Best made a motion to table approval of the Watershed Ordinance to the next agenda.  Regester seconded and the motion passed unanimously.  




Mayor Lyssy sent Sarah Franklin a letter regarding use of the path behind Large Town Hall on Thursday, January 24, 2013, letting her know the board was working on the path issue and would have a resolution by June 30, 2013.  The board discussed different options such as trading part of Willis St. for the path, building a new path in a new spot or purchasing it for what it is worth.  Jeff Best wrote down a list of the possible options for future discussion.  Mayor Lyssy spoke to realtor Dana Abrahamson and she will do a realtor's assessment of the path by the end of March. 



Mayor Lyssy attended the Economic Development Corp. meeting; Todd Lancaster, Clear Creek School District Superintendent, spoke at the meeting and discussed that Clear Creek is competing with Jefferson County schools and he is working on building character traits that are important as well as working on test scores.  Each student must complete 40 hours of community service before they graduate and Mayor Lyssy suggested that they might be able to create a display at the George Rowe Museum or research the town minutes and write a report on something of interest.  The exhibits at the museum stop at 1915 so it might be fun for the kids to create a display of what has happened in town more recently.  R. Gaubatz suggested having them do something like re-roof the jail or hose cart house.  N. Regester will attend the next Fire Authority meeting at which will be discussed loss of Silver Plume voting rights and the Fire Authority renting the firehouse as a Silver Plume owned building.  Fire Chief Babeon reiterated that the IGA is not new but amended and that rent for the firehouse goes to the authority. 



R. Gaubatz and J. Candlin would like the board to approve a resolution that gives the Public Works Director and Town Clerk authorization to turn off water in the event of a foreclosure. 


            WORK SESSION

R. Gaubatz created a map that shows landscaping encroachments onto town owned lands and will continue working on it to find a solution to those encroachments.




            APPROVAL OF MINUTES 1/28/13

Best made a motion to table approval of the January 28, 2013 minutes to the next agenda.  Ballard seconded and the motion passed unanimously. 

Discussion of the minutes was held; minutes are only approved by the board and the purpose of the minutes is for accuracy of town proceedings. 



The meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted: 

Jodi Candlin, Town Clerk

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