Friday, April 5, 2013



APRIL 8, 2013

7:00 P.M.



1 Call to Order    


2. Roll Call  


3. Bill Payment 


4. Motion to Approve Agenda  


5. Public Comment


6. Report of the Mayor 


7. Action Agenda        

               Approval of Street Ordinance               

              Approval to Request Grant Monies re: Development of Land Use Code and 1041               Ordinance

              CDOT – Appoint Transit and Revenue Study Representative


8. Informational Items  

          Certified Local Government Application

          Water Quality Control Professionals - cost for samples for 2013

           XCEL Franchise Agreement

            Discussion on Sarah Franklin Path Offer           

            Consideration and Implications of Amendment 64

           Committee reports 

            Staff reports 


9. Work Session


 10. Administrative Items --  

            Approval of minutes 03/25/13


11. Adjournment



This agenda is subject to change before the actual meeting date.  Should there not be a quorum at the meeting, action items will forward to the next meeting at which a quorum is present for consideration.  


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