Friday, June 8, 2012



JUNE 11, 2012

6:00 P.M.



6:00 Site Visit to Pellet Mill

7:00 Call to Order and Roll Call

7:05 Agenda Approval -- Motion to approve agenda is requested

7:10 Bills List

7:15 Public comment


Action Agenda


7:20  Recognition of 2012 Graduates

7:30 Combination of Lots - Skinner

7:40Town Financial Review for Budget Year 2012

8:00 Payment of Remaining Sewer Debt to Georgetown


Information Briefing - Reports

8:15  Report on Research Progress for Revenues from Railroad (Osborne)

8:30  Report of Progress of Town Fire Readiness Preparation meeting (Best)

8:45  Report on Progress on New Ordinances – Noise, Watershed Protection (all)

9:00  Discussion of Pellet Mill Issues (all)

9:15 Sewer Project Update (if any)

9:30 Resolution of Encroachments – Brief on progress (if available)


Information & Update Agenda


9:45  Updates from the following areas, if any, will be presented:

Report of the Mayor

Water Update

            Sewer Committee

            I-70 Coalition


            Loop Park Committee

            Park Committee

            CCEDC & UCCWA

            Staff Follow-Up  


10:00Approval of minutes 5/14/12, 5/28/12


Executive Session


Receive counsel re: ongoing town legal issues


10:20 Adjourn

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